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Sarah + Jake | Wedding

These guys are so kind and they have such a great connection! It’s beautiful to watch how they interact with each other and also with their families and friends.

This wedding was so special to us. It was a wonderful time! We felt like we were among old friends!

Stratford as always is a wonderful place for weddings. The Shakespearean Gardens were great for family portraits and wedding party portraits. It was very busy, with a wedding happening and other two wedding parties having their pictures taken, all at the same time. But we managed to capture wonderful pictures there.

After shooting at the Shakespearean Gardens Sarah’s dress got a little dirty, which may happen during wedding party portraits sometimes. Even that not being too much, Sarah was not too happy with it. We got positively impressed when I learned that between the gardens and the reception, Sarah and Jake stopped at a store and Sarah bought a new dress so she could feel better and also to dance the whole night, which she did!!

It’s always important to remember that it’s your day! Do what you feel well doing! Enjoy your wedding! They enjoyed theirs indeed!

Please scroll down to have a glimpse on what their wedding day looked like.

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